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What is EAS?

The System of linguistic indicators of Euskal Herria (EAS) is an instrument designed to provide local government, agents and organisations engaged in the standardisation of the use of Basque, as well as the inhabitants of this region, with detailed information about the status of the Basque language and its development within the Basque country as a whole.

This information is necessary in order to determine and evaluate the performance of the linguistic policies and initiatives underway and to be able to adopt, in each particular area, the measures required to develop and improve these.

Linguistic indicators must take in consideration the factors present in each individual context, the operation, costs and results of the aforementioned linguistic policies and initiatives and determine in what areas these may be lacking.

Structure of EAS

On the first screen, there are two ways of consulting data, by subject or municipality. If you select the first option, you will be able to choose between five main areas (context, resources, legislative development, sector programmes and results). Each area consists, in turn, of a series of sub-areas that contain a number of different indicators.

The second option is designed to enable the user to find out about the sociolinguistic situation in one particular municipality through a summary of the main numerical indicators of the system.

The information is updated and so the latest available data will be offered in each case. But, bearing in mind that this system has two main objectives, in other words, assess the situation and develop the Basque language, as far as possible, data on previous years will also be made available.

Organisation of the information

The system has three levels of information:

A large part of the numerical information is presented in the PC-Axis format and can be displayed directly on the web site or complete files can be downloaded to the user's computer and consulted, but to do this it will be necessary to install the PC-Axis programme.

The data consulted can be shown in the form of charts and be displayed on a map. This data can be kept both in the PC-Axis format as well as others such as Excel.

There is another set of indicators that contain data in Excel and they can also be downloaded to the user's computer.

Last update: 23/10/2008
The Sub-ministry for Language Policy
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